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Business Insurance

CBI Insurance Agency understands no two companies are exactly alike. Your industry, your organization, and even segments within your business have their own unique characteristics and needs. That is why you deserve an advisor who will bring you more than just insurance products—you need customized risk management strategies. Our solutions are driven by listening to you and finding answers to your problems.


CBI Insurance has an appetite for some of the more challenging contracting classes of business, and we are dedicated to providing highly competitive products for your company. With access to both admitted and non-admitted carriers, we are able to tailor insurance coverage to meet your company's business needs and budget. Let CBI be the solution for your specialized Construction Company

Habitational and Hospitality


CBI Insurance helps our Habitational and Hospitality clients design cost-effective, layered property programs that meet their specific needs. You need an insurance policy that has coverages and support specifically designed for a business in the hospitality industry. Our experts routinely provide lease and contract review services to help clients make informed decisions and contractually transfer exposures to loss.


CBI Insurance Agency partners with the leading product liability insurance providers for manufacturers, importers, and distributors of consumer, commercial, and industrial goods and products. CBI provides our customers with customizable policies, quick service, and quality coverage for product driven accounts. CBI is your solution for manufacturing liability insurance coverage.

Community Service Organizations

Your business is focused on serving the needs of the community. Let CBI focus on providing the policies that keep your organization safe.  From complex property risks to specialized Professional Liability issues we are here to spend the time needed to understand all areas of your operation and assist you in placing the proper coverage needed to protect your organization.

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