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Workers Compensation

We create custom, strategic safety plans that are proven to reduce your e-mod.​

 A key part of successfully reducing your total cost of risk is our proprietary injury and illness prevention program, which includes behavior-based safety coaching and workshops delivered by a certified restaurant safety trainer.

Our critical program components include:


Unique safety workshops, safety calendar, and lesson plans


Behavior-based safety coaching that works.


New hire checklist and safety screeningEmployee incentive and mentoring programs


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training programsManagement accountability programs


Aggressive E-Mod Reduction Program Claims Management is critical to reducing your e-mod, and thus your premiums. Therefore, all claims are monitored weekly or monthly, a unit stat filing is made for each client, and our claims experts aggressively manage both new and old claims.When you look at your total cost of risk, the medical and indemnity expenses are really just the tip of the iceberg—for every one dollar spent on that, you can expect to pay another six to ten dollars in downtime, training replacements, overtime, investigation time, and a myriad of other hidden costs. With our claims management and safety program you can reduce these costs.

Bryan Bailey

Bryan Bailey

Bryan has over 10 years of experience in the insurance industry and specializes in helping clients with their Workers Compensation Coverage. He is familiar with the challenges of employee benefits and the options that are available for large and small.

Call and talk to Bryan now and get a quote 866-977-4555 ext 3

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