Group Health Insurance Plans

Our experienced benefit specialists will partner with you to maximize your health benefit dollars by taking advantage of innovative plan designs and alternative funding methods. We employ a vast array of insurance carriers, third party administrators and networks to maximize the value of your heath plan. A properly implemented health plan includes bidding, enrollment, education, and ongoing administration. Depending on your needs,

Plan Development & DesignSupporting Services (e.g. HR Support Services, Wellness, Underwriting)


*Communications and Online Services (e.g. Enrollment)


*Expanded Business Solutions (e.g. COBRA)


*Retirement Plan Services


*Executive and Individual Benefits


*Compliance Services (e.g. ERISA, Health Care Reform)

Jason Cook

Jason Cook

Health Insurance Specialist


Jason has over 10 years of experience in the insurance industry. After starting in insurance, Jason earned a position with LGNU Insurance in 2006 and served as the Senior Benefits Specialist developing relationships and servicing clients of all sizes. Jason now brings this experience to CBI Insurance, and specializes in helping clients with their health and benefits needs. He is familiar with the challenges of employee benefits and the options that are available for large and small businesses, including understanding how the ACA (Obamacare) affects businesses in this current, and ever-changing, health insurance environment. Jason is licensed and proficient in Health, Dental & Vision, Life, Disability, Long Term Care, & Worker’s Comp insurance.


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