Youth Education

Working with and educating youth can be a very rewarding business but it  also brings great reasonablility and special risks.  CBI understands the risks you face and can assist your organization in finding the right insurance coverages from carriers that understand you business.

Insurance for Boarding Schools
Insurance for Youth Programs
Insurance for Schools and Daycare
Boarding Schools

CBI provides a package of insurance uniquely designed to fulfill a wide range of special insurance needs for boarding schools. Our comprehensive program includes coverage for private, academic and vocational schools from Pre-K to College.

Outdoor Education/Camps

Insurance for Outdoor activities can be a challange then add in the extra risk of youth clients and many insurance companies run and hide.  CBI is there to help you find the carriers that do understand the risks and get you the coverage you need.

Schools and Daycare

CBI's specialized insurance coverage for educational institutions and daycare programs enables you to effectively manage the variety of risks that can affect your staff, students, equipment and facilities. We offer products and services designed to meet the specific needs of your Schools or Day Care Center.

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